Our Business Management Course is designed to give the Finance & Insurance professional all the tools to satisfy dealership demands, customer needs and his or her personal goals and aspirations. It’s designed to impart the core practical knowledge you need to excel in the automotive dealership industry. Additionally, the curriculum is based on the philosophy of increasing profits in your F&I department.

Target Dealer Services training programs
Pertinent subject matter covered in the course includes:

– Menu Selling
– Laws & Regulations
– Objection Handling
– Videotaped Role playing


Courses are taught by trainers who are in the field everyday and understand the issues dealers face. Our trainers have had many years of experience in the automotive industry including working in dealerships in roles such as General Manager, General Sales Manager, Finance & Insurance Manager or Sales Consultant.


Target Dealer Services field force will work with your organization to build higher profits. Your dealership benefits from our hands on support and proven programs and strategies that drives your F&I performance to new levels without sacrificing CSI.

support– Menu Selling
– Formal F&I Training
– In dealership F&I One-on-One Training
– Dealer Net Retention and Analysis
– Continuous Result Monitoring
– DMS F&I Pull
– Workshops
– In-House Sales Meetings
– Forecasting & Accountability
– F&I Recruiting

We create an environment for success!